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Andre's Cleaners Islington – Your Local Cleaning Professionals!

Welcome to Andre's Cleaners Islington. Who are we, you’re wondering? Well, we’re a young and ambitious independent cleaning firm, leaving an ever-growing trail of sparkling clean homes, offices and rental properties across the London area.

Here’s what we believe – home cleaning services shouldn’t be limited to the rich and fabulous. We offer honest work for reasonable pay, and we pride ourselves on delivering the very highest possible standards of clean. Our staff are experienced and fully trained, and we’re always looking to develop their abilities through practical learning and on-the-job education.

Our company has seen some exciting growth over the last few years, and we’re not stopping there, either. We want to grow bigger still… but the only way to do that is by delivering a service that people will want to shout about.

Yes, that means you!

When you book us for a home service – anything from carpet cleaning to gardening – our plan is leave you so impressed that you’ll tell your friends. You’ll tell your family, your colleagues even. By delivering consistently high quality at affordable rates, we believe that everyone benefits.

If you want to know more about the kind of services Andre's Cleaners Islington offers, then just take a look through the various service pages on this site. Alternatively, feel free to browse the comments that we’ve had left for us by previous customers – you’ll find these over on our reviews page, and we hope in time that we might be able to add your happy remarks alongside them!

For everything else, just give us a call. Our support lines are open around the clock – 24/7 – allowing you to find out more, request a quote or book a service, at any time that suits you.

Give us a call today, on 020 3404 0832 – and join the growing number of happy customers who’ve already found their cleaners in Islington!