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Andre's Professional Rug & Carpet Cleaners in Islington

Stubborn stains on your carpet? Dirty marks, dust or pet hairs getting you down? Andre's Cleaners Islington have got the perfect solution. Our carpet cleaners in Islington deliver a thorough and reliable service, combining a range of different techniques in order to provide the perfect treatment to carpets and rugs of any shape, size or fabric.

Between our steam carpet cleaning and dry cleaning techniques, we’ll be able to cater to everything from heavy-duty carpets through to delicate, ornate rugs! Our service is conducted with skill and precision, and backed by a wealth of advanced cleaning technology – and on top of all that, our Islington carpet cleaning is available at some of the most affordable rates on the market.

Call us today for a free quote, or read on to find out more about this reliable and expertly-executed service!

What You’ll Get From Our Carpet Cleaning in Islington

There are plenty of advantages to be enjoyed when you book our reliable carpet cleaners in Islington. Here are just a few of the benefits tied into our tried-and-tested service:

  • All of our staff come with extensive training, and plenty of on-the-job experience!
  • Our cleaning rates are better than competitive… they’re some of the lowest you’ll ever find. We’ll be glad to offer you a free quote and let you see for yourself.
  • We take customer service very seriously – our staff are friendly, prompt and efficient, dedicated to delivering only the finest standard of care.
  • Need some advice? Or perhaps you’re ready to book! Either way, you can reach us any time on our 24-hour support line.

Dry and Steam Carpet Cleaning – Delivered by the Experts!

Our carpet cleaning service in Islington is tailored to suit your home. No matter what sort of carpets and rugs you have, we’ll be able to provide an individually-designed solution to every job we take on.

For tougher dirt and stains, Andre's Cleaners Islington recommend the hot water extraction technique. This heavy-duty, hard-hitting service works as follows:

  • First off, we’ll identify any major stains and treat them with a powerful shampoo solution – loosening even the most stubborn of dirt attached to the weave of your carpet.
  • Next we’ll apply a shampoo solution to the whole carpet, massaging it into the fibres to unlock all kinds of dirt and staining.
  • Finally, we’ll use high-power suction technology to extract as much as 95% of the moisture back out – along with all that loosened dirt and grime.

Your carpets will be ready to walk on again within 3-4 hours… but in the meantime, we’ll leave you with a pair of protective overshoes allowing you to walk safely across the carpet as it dries.

If your carpets are particularly fragile or ornate, on the other hand, then we’d always recommend using our carpet dry cleaning service – don’t worry, our experienced staff will always be on hand to make the best assessment based on your carpet type!

Our carpet dry cleaning service involves the deployment of absorbent chips, which are spread across the surface to suck out dirt and moisture from deep within the fabric. It’s a delicate, non-intrusive technique that will be perfect for fragile fabrics… and best of all, once we’ve vacuumed up the chips your carpets will be left beautiful cleaned, perfectly dry, and ready to walk on immediately!

In either case, our staff will always take care of preparing the area and removing any furniture from the room as required by the service. We can offer you a Scotchgard carpet treatment as well, helping to keep your carpets in perfect condition for even longer! Just ask us about this protective service when you book.

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There are other ways to get in touch, too. You can request a quote using our online contact form for example, or start a conversation with one of our expert advisors right this minute… thanks to our convenient chat support feature.

Don’t forget that there are also a range of special discounts available to customers who book more than one service with us at a time! You could add our upholstery cleaning to your order for example, or even our advanced oven cleaning… and prepare to enjoy the savings that follow.