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Oven cleaning can be dirty work – all that cooked-on grease and grime, the fatty residues and charcoal deposits lurking in the corners of your grill. Over time this build-up can begin to spoil the flavour of food… not to mention posing a fire risk. So why not let the experts at it? Talk to Andre's Cleaners Islington today for reliable and effective oven cleaners in Islington.

Our team are versatile and experienced, able to deliver fantastic cleaning results to your oven, grill or barbecue. Put the freshness back into your food, when you have your oven cleaned up good as new!

Talk to us today for a free quote on our affordable oven cleaning in Islington… or read on, to find out more about how the service works.

The Benefits of Our Islington Oven Cleaning Service

There are plenty of reasons to be booking us for your Islington oven cleaning needs. Here are some of the factors that go into our service, and have served to make us the leading choice for a local oven cleaner in Islington.

  • Our training and experience have prepared us for pretty much any job you could throw our way.
  • We’re proud to offer our services at some of the lowest rates going – apply for your free, no-obligation quote, and find out for yourself.
  • On top of our fantastic cleaning results, we aim to leave our customers satisfied every time. For that reason, we always put 100% into our customer service!
  • We’ve got a 24-hour support line on hand for all your queries, support, or to get your free quote.
  • It matters to us that you’re getting the high standards you expected. So if you think we missed something – tell us, so we can come back to fix it!

The Secrets of Our Effective Drip Tank Method

The secret of our effective oven cleaning service lies in our advanced drip tank cleaning method. Here’s how it works:

  • First we’ve inspect your oven, grill, hobs, stove, barbecue, or whatever else you want us to look at. We’ll highlight the difficult stains and deposits for special treatment.
  • We’ll disassemble all removable parts of your oven, including grill trays, filters, extractor shields, and so on – these are then soaked in a warm cleaning solution.
  • Now comes the dirty work – as we get right inside your oven to scrape off all that excess grime, grease, dirt and carbon.
  • Once every element of your oven has been cleaned up to a perfect standard, we’ll put the whole thing back together for you – before giving it a final once-over, and checking to make sure that everything has been left for you in perfect working order.

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